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Come home to an oasis of exquisite luxury living.

Orchard Sophia is an award-winning statement of redefined luxury. Sporting pockets of space that evoke an urban gallery aesthetic, Orchard Sophia is a stunning reflection of the Bauhaus architectural style uniting function and beauty.

Designed by renowned firm Ong & Ong Architects, a unique metal oakcoloured mesh is layered over the grey facade of the building, creating an iconic image – a striking structure on Sophia Road.

Located at the tip of Sophia Road, this is the pinnacle of luxury living. A modern urban freehold sanctuary and winner of three awards at PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Singapore, Orchard Sophia is an oasis of serenity within the city.

A luxurious arrival of distinctive class.

Designed after a splendid hotel lobby, the arrival hall at the basement instantly centres you within a world of class and luxury – welcoming you to a private sanctuary within the city.

Secret spaces for your daily retreats.

At the heart of Orchard Sophia, a central courtyard beckons, sporting a sleek, luxurious pool calling you in for a
rejuvenating soak. Recline and relax on the pool deck by the poolside or enjoy calming views of the waters from
balconies in choice units.

A coveted life at the peak for a chosen few.

Elegance and function come together at the Social Lounge – host gatherings or celebrate with friends and family within cosy settings.

Stay fit and focused at the Outdoor Fitness in comfortable surroundings -productivity and pleasures have never felt more at home.

Elevated spaces for your every routine.

Rejuvenate the senses and enter a world of relaxation in the private Spa Pool amidst the mesmerising view of the city landscape. Play host at the Alfresco BBQ deck or just take a step back and relax at the Social Lawn. Recline in spaces designed for pure comfort and pleasure.

Of poise and peerless beauty.

Work at your own pace at the Reading Lounge, away from distractions and the buzz of the world around you. In the mood for company? Mingle, wine and dine at the Rooftop Dining or the Rooftop Bar as you partake in the wondrous lights of the Singapore skyline.

Graceful dwellings of distinction.

Luxury is redefined at Orchard Sophia. Return home to a contemporary abode furnished with thoughtfully created and functional spaces. With just 78 exclusive residences, ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms and dual-key units, your private sanctuary awaits.

Contemporary, crafted luxury.

Enter a modern refuge created to fit your lifestyle needs. A rare spaciousness exists here, with choice units planned
to allow spaces for multi-generational and co-living. Selected units feature a stylish Juliet balcony, extending your
living spaces and visual access to your neighbourhood and beyond.

Beauty, inside and out.

Quality fittings for quality homes. Bedroom spaces are crafted to rejuvenate your senses, providing you with a sense of calm. Bathrooms are adorned with statement sanitary wares and bathroom accessories from renowned brands like Duravit, Hansgrohe and Gessi.

Luxury is found in the finest of details.

Live in style at Orchard Sophia. Revel in luxury with a spacious kitchen well-equipped with fittings and finishes from renowned brands – with hobs, hoods and refrigerators from SMEG, added kitchen utilities from Franke, and washers from Bosch.

Indulgent bliss with modern technologies.

Keeping in pace with the latest innovations, each unit at Orchard Sophia comes equipped with a digital lock, with two electric vehicle charging units within the development.

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