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Concieved for your food business in mind, the FoodFab@Mandai is a rare Freehold, B2 Industrial Space that caters to a Full-Spectrum of F&B needs. Located within the well-established industrial environment of Mandai and Woodlands, it enjoys both proximity to greenery as well as essential amenities. With 47 units designed to seemlessly facilitate your business operations, factoring in your needs now, and well into the future.

FoodFab @ Mandai. A Cut Above The Rest

Equipped with a 20 Footer Ramp-Up, access each and every unit with ease. With a designated loading and unloading bay right at your doorstep, free your day-to-day operations from unnecessary bottlenecks.

At FoodFab, we pride ourselves in our approach in developing a highly flexible, future-forward food industrial space, with insightful provision of technical specifications and layout configurations, above and beyond basic functionality.

The attention to details and far-sightedness is what makes FoodFab@Mandai outstanding.

Where Everything Is Within Reach

Take advantage of FoodFab@Mandai’s proximity to Woodlands Causeway, reducing precious time in transportation of resources. In near future, Sungei Kadut ECO District will be the spawning grounds for cutting-edge developments like Agri-Food Innovation Park, housing high-tech farming communities and manufacturing,bringing you nearer to suppliers, distributors and partners.

The future Mandai Nature Precinct will bring along a whole new array of opportunities with its themed attractions, F&B and Resorts offerings. Not forgetting the up-and-coming Woodlands Regional Centre, and in future, the Singapore — Johore Bahru RTS, will only be minutes drive away.

Dialing Up The Features

Our attention to details is what sets us apart.

To ensure your operation runs uninterupted, a dedicated space for your Backup Generator Set has been specially allocated, as well as a separated Ingress & Egress route for waste disposal. We go to great lengths in areas of hygiene, with each and every unit comes fitted with Anti-Bacteria sanitary wares.

Weighing Everything That Matters For Your Business

FoodFab@Mandai is a product of a synergistic collaboration of renowned consultants and thought leaders. From monitoring food quality, food safety and consumer health, to supply chain, storage and waste management, each aspect of food processing has been looked into, to anticipate your diverse and stringent requirements, and to provide thought-through features that enhance your businesses.

Our goal is not only to build future-forward industrial space of the highest standards, we’re also aligned to support and facilitate Singapore’s 30 by 30 Food Security Goal.

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