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The Palms, located in the heart of the capital that combines luxurious living, convenience and a touch of nature. Aptly called an “organic development,” The Palms sits on prime land overlooking the Mekong River, a majestic body of water that runs through Phnom Penh and surrounding areas. The Palms features more than 200 cluster homes and luxury villas that give residents picture-perfect views of the river, while sitting between greeneries and a grove of palm trees. It blends perfectly with nature thus affording the occupants with a tranquil atmosphere that serves as an escape from the noise and bustle of the city.

The resort villas, which occupy a floor area of between 377 sqm and 1086 sqm, combine elegant exteriors and well-appointed interiors found nowhere else in the capital. The villas offer high-end living at its best.

Aside from the exclusive living space, the residents are also granted access to a wide variety of amenities, including an artificial beach, a swimming pool, one-of-a-kind hydrotherapy pools, a water playground and a barbecue area.

Those in need of relaxation after a busy day at work can take a leisurely walk along the Mekong boardwalk, located just a few steps from their abodes.

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