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The Centric – A Convergence of Prosperity

Following the gentle flow of the Cam River, a new city is gradually emerging, with the currents of trade leading to a prosperous port. It starts at the city's central square and extends to the new Political and Administrative Center, inspired by the bustling trade ships on the Cam River. Additionally, it includes the largest Conference and Performance Center in Northern Vietnam, inspired by the rippling waves on the sea. This is the convergence point of prosperity flows, establishing a bustling commercial destination in the new area known as THE CENTRIC.

The Centric - A symbol of commerce, entertainment, and culture at the heart of the new Hai Phong City

The landscape of The Centric

The Centric is not only a commercial symbol of the new city center but also a vibrant destination with a high-class amenities system inspired by the heritage of Hai Phong City.

Residents and visitors of The Centric will enjoy moments of relaxation in the cool, central park, stroll along the prosperous central boulevard, explore unique shops on vibrant shopping streets, indulge in local and international cuisine at the food street, and admire the unique Iron Fountain icon. The Centric is where modern living converges, offering peak experiences to its customers.

Landscape Inspiration

  • THE IRON FOUNTAIN: Chất sắt giao thương phố Cảng
  • CENTRAL AVENUE: Đại lộ trung tâm dẫn nguồn thịnh vượng
  • THE PARK: Nơi dòng chảy náo nhiệt ẩn dưới vòm cây
the centric the iron fountain
the centric central avenue
the centric the park

Thuy Nguyen - The Hotspot of Hai Phong Real Estate Market

Thuy Nguyen is attracting strong interest from the real estate sector in Hai Phong due to its strategic direction towards becoming a city by 2025, coupled with significant urban infrastructure development. Highlighted in this development are two "century projects" - the city's administrative and political center, and the conference and performance center - both slated for completion and use by 2025.

According to the plan, by 2030, Hai Phong is envisioned to develop along three main pillars: maritime logistics and port services; green, smart, and modern industry; and an international coastal tourism center. The city aims to reach a population of approximately 4.5 million people and achieve a high level of development among the leading cities in Asia and globally.

Hai Phong is set to become a vibrant center for the most dynamic cultural, artistic, and entertainment programs in Port City. With modern urban infrastructure, convenient transportation, and refreshing landscapes, real estate in the new administrative center area will emerge as a hot spot attracting investor attention. This creates sustainable profit opportunities for savvy investors who are forward-thinking and proactive!

Project Location

Vị trí dự án The Centric Hải Phòng - Masterise Homes
The Centric Hai Phong Location - Masterise Homes

In the place where trade currents converge, where the bustling symbol of Port City emerges - THE CENTRIC, a commercial icon nestled next to the new Administrative Center of Thuy Nguyen City - embodies a destination of international experience, rich in diverse cultures and leading brands yet still carrying many local colors and traditional cultures. THE CENTRIC - a proud symbol at the heart of Thuy Nguyen, the new city of Hai Phong.

Adjacent to the monumental projects reshaping the urban landscape of Hải Phòng, within the core of new political and cultural center, THE CENTRIC promises to become the foremost destination for commerce, shopping, festivals, and vibrant culture in Hai Phong.



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