• The 9 StellarsHoang Huu Nam St, Long Binh Ward, D9, Thu Duc City, HCMC


Located in the heart of the innovation hub, The 9 Stellar gathers all the essential facilities for residents to live as well as profit potential for investors to get into. In addition, strictly planned with high standards, the infrastructure around The 9 Stellars such as New Eastern Bus Station, Metro line not only helps to improve the quality of resident's life but also creates a vibrant community with large shopping and commercial areas, drawing the attention of many visitors, shopaholics, becoming a new destination in District 9, Thu Duc City and contributing to increasing real estate value for The 9 Stellar


Project Name THE 9 STELLAR
Address  Hoang Huu Nam St, Long Binh Ward, D9, Thu Duc City, HCMC
District 09
Developer - Sơn Kim Land

- Vietnamese: Freehold
- Foreigners: Owning 50 years under current law

Project Type - Apartment, Condominium, 
Parnership: - Designer: • ADA & Land Sculptor Studio
- Contractor: • NQH Architects

 • 16,5 ha


- Kindergarten and Primary School, Park,, Gymnastics and Sports Center (Gym, Spa, Yoga ...), Square, BBQ garden, Food Court, Library, Common Room, Jogging Track , Pool…

No. Tower
No. Block
  • Apartment : 14 Block, 3000 units
  • The Villas: 159 Unit với 04 Floor 
Expected TOP:  - 3/2022



Like Canary Wharf in London, the concept city within the city is getting popular.

These cities have achieved spectacular success and become a bright spot that draws the attention of international and local investors, experts, and young generations to reach here and find their opportunities. Thu Duc City with the advantages of innovation, connectivity, and regional links will be the 'Canary Wharf' of HCMC. 

Right in the heart of that spot, The 9 Stellars by SonKim Land is developed, promised to be a pioneer and trendsetter in forming a young and dynamic lifestyle for District 9 in particular and this vivacious city Thu Duc in general.

Located in a strategic location right next to the Metro depot, this will be a one-of-a-kind project that helps its residents become active citizens like Londoners who don't mind hopping on the tube to travel around and discover the world. 
The innovation hub nearby will gather top foreign specialists or tech-savvy. This will form a smart and international community that includes the owners of The 9 Stellars.


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