Corporate Information


Huttons (A Registered Trademark) has become synonymous with delivering constant results in project sales and marketing for real estate developers. Salespersons under the Huttons umbrella are highly valued by property buyers due to their extensive knowledge of real estate products and service professionalism. Huttons logo and corporate colours of navy blue and orange is now easily recognisable by industry professionals and consumers worldwide.



Huttons Asia  is one of the top 3 real estate agency in Singapore. Founded in 2002, it currently has over 3000 real estate salespersons and over a decade of project marketing experience, holding a significant 60% market share in the sale of primary stock in Singapore. Currently it has developed a regional network in Philippines, Cambodia and VietNam (Huttons VN). However, it is still growing rapidly and expanding internationally, making it easier for both our clients and buyers to cross-buy and sell property locally and abroad.

Huttons VN Company Limited is the official representative of Huttons Real Estate Group in Vietnam. Established on May 9th 2018, we reached an agreement to formally come together to leverage on our competitive advantages in providing solutions within Vietnam to both real estate developers and home buyers alike. HUTTONS VN success will be built on integrating foreign experience and local knowledge as we strides forward to be the market leader in real estate services.




"We strive to be the real estate Agency of Choice for discerning clients and partners by offering the best service standards, optimal response times, and the highest level of professionalism in our industry."



It is our privilege to help developers achieve their aspirations of high and fast sales for their projects and to assist our buyers in building up their individual property portfolio step-by-step from their first dream home to a winning investment property.

In every property transaction we undertake, we are committed to:

* Listening to our clients
* Tailoring our solutions to their unique requirements
* Achieving the best price possible in the shortest possible time