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A prestigious food factory located in the heart of District 19 at 33 Kim Chuan Drive. This space is proposed to be used as a food production space, consisting of 9 storeys with 16 units where it is able to cater to multiple users.

This new and savvy way of cozy saving and using space for business is a new step into modernization. With large spatial areas for industrial purposes this space is expected to be completed in the year 2026.

The entire space for this development is over 15 thousand square feet. This freehold development will minimize space and be able to provide an opportunity for more food production factories within range.

This development is built with 7 types of units. Each area is equipped with a void, air conditioning ledge and a kitchen exhaust duct. Apart from that this space also comes with 10 carpark lots at basement 1 and 2, a handicapped lot at Basement 2 and 1 motorcycle lot at basement 1. Several lifts are also located within the area, that caters to passengers, goods and service lift. A perfect space for all your food processing needs.

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Goodland Citrine Pte Ltd



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