• Net floor to ceiling height is 3m in living room and bedroom areas.
  • Unit layout is opent spacious yet efficient with formal entry gallery hall connecting all areas that can showcase the owner's individual tastes of art works furniture.
  • This layout allows for separation privacy between all bedrooms and the extensive entertainment living areas.
  • Adjoing walls between apartment are 400 mm thick, with internal partion thickness all 150mm. All wall are acoustically designed.
  • Facade acoustic performance cuts exterior noise levels to lees that 45 decibbels, which is comparable to the acoustic environment of a library, the quiet level in bedrooms space was even maintained at 40 decibels.
  • Every bedroom can accommodate the king size bed, private ensuite, and extensive formal wardrobes.

  • All bedrooms have full width windows with views to the surrounding city skyline.
  • Large open entertaining kitchen (fully fitted with German appliances) integrates with the open living area.
  • High Quality interior finishes and fittings are expectations of discerning owners: detail to be modified by some highlighted materials once approved ( marble, kitchen cabinet,...)
  • Detail finishes including the decorative metalwork within stone, timber and marble border to timber herringbone floor boards all adding to the formal feel and artistic retouch of the living spaces.
  • Entertaining kitchen separated from the wet kitchen by an open-out swing door to prevent the kitchen odors within the living areas.
  • Master bedrooms has formal foyer to maintain privacy.
  • Master bathroom has city views.
  • Lift lobby and corridor width 1.6 m- 2.7 m
  • Exclusive Residential Porte Cochere and Private Foyer & Lift Lobbby.
  • VRV air-con system with fresh air ventilation. More fresh-air will be introduced into the apartments as the ventilation system was designed follows ASHRAE ( The American Society of Heating, Refridgerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) and LEED gold standards which demand double air flow compared to local standards.