600 m2 roof top exclusive amenity includes:

  • Roof top infinitu pool
  • Sky garden
  • Private souna
  • Exclusive Gymnasium
  • Sky Lounge

2 parking lots reserved exclusively for 1 apartment.

Private golf storage

Residents wine cellar

Ground floor coffee shop

Outdoor & Indoor Fine-dining restaurant on 6th floor.


  • 100% power back-up with 2 fuel tanks, main tank can feed the gensets for 8 hours continuous running, on day tank can feed the gensets for 5 hours continuous running. Generator start up time can set up within 10 seconds
  • Internal walls and ceiling of the generator room will be fully applied acoustic lining to achieve 70 db measuring at 5m outside the room conform to QCVN 26 2010. Generators were kept in the technical basement, in a sound roof room to maintain at max 55 db while functioning.
  • Additional water purification with tapes in 2 kitchen, 2 tapes in 2 the fridges. Out let water is drinkable. This isaseparate system installed in every separate apartment and will be very convenient for maintenance. Each unit will be equipped with dedicated electric hot water machine 200 litres.
  • Environment friendly: recycle used water for gardening, M&E.
  • All water supply pipes used within the Vertex is certifled by Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) reach very good level for bearing potable water.
  • Drainage water pipe will be high quality acoustic product which is tested and certified by Institute for Building physics Fraunhofer inGermany that it can effectively reduce noise emit from soil & waste pipes of upper floor or adjacent toilet room up to18db.
  • Quiet energy efficient, modern technology VRV air conditioner are chosen for residential. Outdoor units were installed far away onto the roof top of the building giving clean, beauty loggia at each unit and a high elegant facade image of the entire building.
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