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S’pore start-up launches tiny homes

S’pore start-up launches tiny homes.

The units will be initially installed in Australia and listed on Airbnb, with rents ranging from $150 to $250. (Image source: Big Tiny)

Local start-up Big Tiny has come up with an innovative idea of building small homes on wheels, which it plans to install in rural areas with breathtaking scenery.

At nearly the size of a shipping container, these homes can accommodate up to four persons and a has length of 4.8, 6.0 or 7.2 metres.

However, these houses are not yet available in Singapore. These will be initially installed in Australia, close to the Blue Mountains or Mornington Peninsula. Currently, the firm has two units down under, but plans to increase the number to 50 units by end-2018. It also intends to expand into New Zealand.

“Tiny house is part of an international movement where people are downsizing their houses to simplify their lives” and reduce resource consumption, said Adrian Chia, who founded the firm with his friends Jeff Yeo and Dave Ng.

These units will be listed on Airbnb by February, with rents ranging from $150 to $250, under a profit sharing scheme with land owners, particularly farmers.

Made from metal and recycled materials, each home is equipped with a bed, kitchenette and common space. It also comes with a heater and air-conditioning. Aside from having secure digital locks, each unit features a rainwater collection system and solar panels, while the waste that goes into the toilet is turned into compost energy.

Each unit, which costs around $80,000 to build, can generally withstand bad weather and can last up to 20 years.

Reference from Propertyguru.com