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Adjusting The 1/500 Master Plan In Thu Duc

Adjusting The 1/500 Master Plan In Thu Duc.

Area of the whole land area is about 84,762sqm. The population is about 3,109 people. The land use target of 27sqm / person

HCMC People’s Committee has decided to adjust the detailed plan of 1/500 residential area project in Tam Binh ward, Thu Duc district with the area of the whole planned area of 84.762sqm, the population of about 3,109 people.

The boundary of the planned land area is bounded by Ring Road 2 to the East, 67m of road projected. In the South and Southeast, it borders on planned green parks and residential areas. In the southwest, it borders on the projected road of N6 road 30m. The Northwest borders on the existing residential area and the residential area are expected.

The nature and function of the planning area is the housing complex combining trade in services. The land use target of 27sqm / person.

Land for individual dwelling houses, villas, apartment blocks including greenery, flower gardens, roads, parking lots, indoor playgrounds for house groups in accordance with QCVN01 issued in 2008.

Specifically, the land group housing separately, villas 32-35 people / m2. Land for housing groups of 5-10 people/sqm. Land for kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school is 1.43sqm / person

Land for public use such as flower gardens, playgrounds, sports grounds 6-7m2 / person. Land for internal roads is 7-8sqm/ person.

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee requires the units to base the planning plan of the subdivision of 1/2000 scale housing area in Tam Binh ward and the project of adjusting the general construction of Thu Duc district has been approved to ensure the consistent This is in line with the requirements of organizations to develop architectural space, social infrastructure and technical infrastructure connection.

The traffic system and technical infrastructure are kept intact according to the approved 1/500 detailed plan and updated to the current planning road of the Ring Road 2.

Residential area in Tam Binh ward will prioritize the layout of high-rise buildings along the main traffic axis with development motifs such as Ring Road 2. Architectural space is lower behind Ring Road 2 and sluice.

Arranging commercial and service areas in the contiguous area of Ring Road 2. Low-rise buildings are located within the area of internal roads of the project, with kindergartens, public works, tree Service, …

The parks will be intermingled with high rise condominiums, improving the backyard condition for apartment complexes. Public service works, green parks, sport and physical training shall ensure the radius for housing groups in accordance with QCXDVN 01, issued in 2008.

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