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Thailand's leader in mass transit condominiums

Ananda Development is Thailand's Leader in Mass Transit Condominiums. specializing in Urban Living Solutions along the city's mass transit lines.

Since its inception in 1999. Ananda has always been committed to developing mass transit condominiums. believing that location and convenience are key elements in urban lifestyles. and understanding that the future growth of Bangkok would occur predominantly along the city's mass transit lines Bangkok suffers from some of the world's most notorious traffic jams. with residents spending an average of 45 days' per year stuck in traffic.

Ananda Development addresses the problem by locating all of its condominium projects along the city's mass transit lines With more than a decade of success behind it. Ananda today features eight distinctive brands catering to the needs of all types of individuals and families. Ananda had launched 35 total projects including 26.000 units valued at approximately 100.000 million baht.