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Elysian project, with over 40 internal amenities and extensive green spaces, offers a healthy living environment along with flexible payment policies. This project is sure to become one of the most promising investment opportunities in East Saigon.

Located strategically in Thu Duc City, Elysian is a condominium project introduced by Gamuda Land, a leading real estate developer from Malaysia. "Peace of mind in health, financial comfort, and prosperous investment are the privileges that Gamuda aims to provide to those interested in this project," affirmed a representative from Gamuda Land.

Elysian - Green Living Space for Health

The representative of Gamuda developer further stated that in the journey of development and construction of living spaces, the unit always prioritizes green elements along with comprehensive amenities to enhance the quality of life for all residents.

Elysian is no exception in this regard. The investor aims for a "multifaceted residential complex" that harmonizes with nature, aiming to create a healthy and prosperous community at the forefront of East Ho Chi Minh City.

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Integrating over 40 internal amenities to meet the residents' every need within the project area is the top priority of the investor. This aims to create a healthy living space and contribute to improving the health of the residents.

At Elysian, residents can engage in fitness activities through the 245m-long elevated jogging track on both sides of the building and the 700m internal road around the project. They can also enhance their physical activity with a multi-functional floor system, basketball court, mini golf training ground, or yoga practice area.

A standout feature in Elysian's amenities lineup is the complex of 6 modern swimming pools designed for both adults and children, covering a total water surface area of up to 1,190 square meters, including a 50-meter Olympic standard swimming lane. Each pool is meticulously designed to cater to individual needs, providing residents with a "resort-standard" leisure experience.

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Meanwhile, young residents at Elysian also have the opportunity to experience an "adventure" right at home with a spacious BBQ area, a green farm with various fruit trees, and a versatile grassy area covering the space. Additionally, the world of education and entertainment is expanded to cater to all ages, providing children with the conditions to unleash their creativity, explore, and learn on their developmental journey.

Not only enjoying the health and entertainment amenities, but family life at Elysian also becomes more convenient and practical with a commercial complex comprising 8 shophouses located right on the ground floor.

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To realize this goal, Gamuda Land has dedicated 51% of the development area to green amenities and landscapes, leaving a Biophilic architectural imprint that brings nature into daily life. Thousands of greenery from over 44 different plant species, interwoven with ecological lakes and a diverse aquatic system, will be featured in the project. The various layers of arranged vegetation create refreshing green structures in a vertical format, offering an experience reminiscent of a tropical rainforest within the apartment complex.

Elysian boasts 10 Pocket Sky Gardens and Cloud Feet Sky Gardens, strategically placed interspersed among the 4 residential towers, providing residents with a panoramic view of the city. This is not only an ecological space but also an ultimate expression of architects to the residents.

Simultaneously, all 100% of the apartments in the project are equipped with combined loggias, designed following the principles of wind direction. This design optimizes natural light, facilitates air circulation, and attracts positive energy as well as the vitality of the earth and sky.

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With its advantages in living space, the multifunctional residential complex Elysian is honored to have been awarded the Vietnam Property Awards (VPA) 2023 in three major categories: The most environmentally friendly apartment project, The most outstanding luxury apartment project in Ho Chi Minh City and The most excellent Biophilic landscape architecture design.

Furthermore, Elysian is also accredited by the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC): Lotus Green Building Certification.

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Great investment potential – Suitable product for business investment

According to the Batdongsan website, the Eastern part of Ho Chi Minh City has witnessed a continuous increase in real estate prices for over 10 years (2011-2021), ranging from 12 to 15 million VND per square meter for mid-range apartments to 37 million VND per square meter, and up to 100 million VND per square meter for luxury apartments.

With this upward trend, the investor expects the value of Elysian apartments to increase over time, thereby bringing profits to the owners. Additionally, with flexible payment terms, owners will benefit from the natural price appreciation of real estate before making subsequent payments. Moreover, apartment owners will find it easy to seek potential buyers in case of transfer, given the sufficient time gap between payment installments.

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Representatives from an real estate agency that being centrally located in the Eastern district, Elysian holds great potential for rental exploitation due to its positioning between two high-tech zones and modern connecting infrastructure. Particularly, the abundance of professionals and intellectuals working at industrial corporations near the project, such as Intel, Samsung, Jabil, Schneider Electric, makes for a plentiful pool of potential buyers and tenants for the project.

With a 5-10 minute drive, residents can easily access a range of amenities in the area, such as Vincom Mega Mall, Vinmec hospitals, Le Van Viet Hospital, Ung Buou Hospital, Fulbright International University, FPT University, Ho Chi Minh City High-tech Park, supermarkets, and traditional markets.

Furthermore, residents can enjoy weekend activities with their families at nearby entertainment spots such as BCR Entertainment Area, District 9 Sports and Fitness Center, Suoi Tien Tourist Area, and Thu Duc Golf Course.

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To ensure quality construction and create convenient living spaces for residents, Gamuda Land demonstrates meticulousness in selecting construction, architectural, landscape design, and interior design units to participate in the development of the project. Accordingly, the project marks the collaboration of the Malaysian developer with planning and landscape design partner Land Sculptor Studio from Thailand, bringing nearly 20 years of experience. Additionally, the architectural design is handled by Ag Ingo Design Studio based in Singapore, specializing in the Asian market with innovative projects following green architecture trends.

To meet various lifestyle needs, Elysian develops a range of apartment products, including studio apartments, 1-3 bedroom apartments, and special products such as the sky-villa, spanning over 300 m2 on the top floor with panoramic views of the entire area. This caters to a diverse range of customers, from singles and young families to multi-generational families.


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